The Church Council is the governing body of our local church. It consists of

  • The Minister
  • 6 officials appointed by the Minister who serve for a three year period
    • Society Steward
    • Assistant Society Steward
    • Property Steward
    • Church Council Secretary
    • Church Treasurer
    • Building Fund Treasurer
  • 18 elected members who serve for a three year period

Under the direction of the church council there are working parties - sometimes called 'Action Teams' -  to progress particular areas of work. We currently have the following actions teams:

  • Training Team
  • Fellowship Team
  • Mission and Outreach Team
  • Worship Team
    • Prayer Team (sub-group of Worship Team)
  • Youth and Childrens' Team
  • Media and Communications Team
  • Vision Team
  • 'Connect Group' Team