"We exist to glorify God, nurture followers of Christ and reflect His saving and transforming love in Glengormley, through the power of the Holy Spirit."

The Church Council is the governing body of our local church. It consists of

  • The Minister
  • 6 officials appointed by the Minister who serve for a three year period
    • Society Steward
    • Assistant Society Steward
    • Property Steward
    • Church Council Secretary
    • Church Treasurer
    • Building Fund Treasurer
  • 18 elected members who serve for a three year period

Under the direction of the church council there are working parties - sometimes called 'Action Teams' -  to progress particular areas of work. We currently have the following actions teams:

  • Training and Action Team
  • Fellowship Team
  • Mission and Outreach Team
  • Worship Team
    • Prayer Team (sub-group of Worship Team)
  • Youth and Childrens' Team
  • Media and Communications Team
  • Vision Team
  • 'Connect Group' Team