Connect Groups are groups where adults from the church can meet regularly in an informal and relaxed way and begin to find support, encouragement, spiritual growth and develop friendships. They are designed to complement the wider Methodist Church's desire to have all its members in 'Connexion'.

They have three main aims:

  • Spiritual Growth: To help members grow spiritually.
  • Social Interaction: To meet socially and care for each other.
  • Service to Others: To reach out in service to others and have an evangelistic vision

Where to sign up...

Members of the congregation are encouraged to sign up to join one of the Connect Groups with the understanding that they are commiting for a limited period and then can decide to join a different group if they wish - so there is a short term commitment envisaged to help ensure that groups do not become stagnant or exclusive.


Group: Thursday Morning Fellowship
Facilitator: Richard Russell
When does it meet? Thurs. 10.30am
Venue: Church
Target Group: Bus pass & above