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Due to the current restrictions on meeting, we are providing this opportunity for you to contribute financially to help support the work of God in and through Glengormley Methodist. We really appreciate your help, thank you.
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Please continue to pray for all those who have bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also pray for all those who are sick at home or in hospital and ask that God’s healing hand may be upon them.

We continue to pray for the Rev Sam McGuffin, as he supports and encourages the Methodist Church in Ireland. We also ask that all those who listen to the online sermons may be richly blessed.

Due to the present restrictions we are not able to have our usual WD&R Sunday Service and Appeal at this time. At its next meeting the Church Council will make a decision about when to have it in 2020. In the meantime we ask that you continue to prayerfully remember the needs around the world and that you either budget to make an offering later in the year or that you go online to the World Development and Relief section of the www.irishmethodist.org website and follow the links to enable you to make a direct donation to the Fund at this time. Thank you.

This is the day on which we Methodists celebrate John Wesley’s conversion at a meeting in Aldersgate Street, London on 24th May 1738. The world he knew, like ours, had its problems. It had social ills and issues: like slavery. It had political struggles: Jacobites were rebelling. The church was making no gospel and kingdom impact. And disease and death were rampant: smallpox killed tens of millions. John realised there are four things God wants everyone to know: 1.You have a need - a need to address the fear of dying that’s inside you and inside us all. 2. You can’t sort it out on your own - ultimately no one can escape death so how can we hope to overcome our fear of death ourselves. 3. God knows your need - he has proved this by sending Jesus Christ into the world to die so that he could raise him from death and prove his power over it. 4. God is willing to meet your need - the moment you entrust your whole life to him your relationship with The Lord God begins and he will accompany you through the reminder of your life in this world and then take you to be with him in his heavenly world. That can be anyone’s experience. Be safe. Be positive. Be prayerful. #GodisourAdventure. Every blessing.

During this COVID-19 isolation from each other we remember the words of CS Lewis

“You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change”

See the Calendar of activities below that might help you focus during May
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Covid-19 Story of Hope and Encouragement: Doris Carruthers from Newbuildings MC


Just before the lockdown was announced I was given a book entitled,“Horseman to the King.” Its a book about John Wesley. As a 77-year- old the last time I saw this book was when I was in Sunday School in Newbuildings Methodist Church. Imagine my surprise. I enjoyed reading it again. Lockdown was announced. When I heard that churches had to close, I was devastated. My knowledge of social media was very basic. So, you see my journey has been one of learning. The first few weeks were not easy, a lot of highs and lows, at times more lows, and a lot of prayer. On Sunday 3rd May God took over and I was able to establish contact with services from a lot of Churches and Ministers across Northern Ireland, which was unbelievable. While that was good, I have to say I still miss the fellowship of God’s people worshipping together – a serious loss I believe. The weather has been beautiful. As one who has loved working voluntarily in the community for many years, I found this very difficult. Visiting homes and helping people where there was a need, especially among our senior citizens, all had to go. This was a big loss. To be told because you are over 70 you have to stay at home and are only allowed out for exercise - this was devastating. Once again God pointed out to me, whatever the future holds for me, I am safe in his hands. So armed with this word I have been spending days in the garden, with the sun shining. The words of the old Gospel hymn stay with me as I work, “I come to the Garden alone”It’s a wonderful hymn, By the way, I am not a gardener! Looking back to how the Wesleys travelled on horseback the length and breadth of the country spreading the Gospel, I find it amazing that today I can have the Gospel brought to me via Social media and I don’t have to leave my own home! That’s truly amazing.


It has sadly come to our attention that individuals in the area have been posing as volunteers collecting envelopes on behalf of churches. Please be aware that this is a scam.

We want to make it clear that no one from GMC is currently collecting any church envelopes. Those who have requested for this to happen will be contacted directly by someone from the church prior to anyone calling on behalf of GMC, so please follow the following guidance from the PSNI in relation to this important matter:

'With our society currently in a very different place to what we are used to  we are continually looking at ways of keeping you informed about issues that may affect everyone, particularly the elderly and vulnerable who are self-isolating or shielding due to Covid19.   

We have a lot of people working tirelessly in the community to support our elderly and vulnerable, playing a vital role in keeping people connected and well supplied.  Unfortunately we have received information to suggest that SOME individuals claiming to be good Samaritans are calling at  elderly person’s homes offering to take weekly collections to their local churches and in some cases offering to collect prescriptions and groceries for a cash sum.  We urge everyone to be cautious and follow this advice:

·       Only use the services of people you know and trust

·       Please ensure you speak with a trusted member of your Church to arrange collection or alternative methods for paying your weekly collections.

·       Be alert to online and telephone scams, do not share personal or financial details with anyone.

·       Keep your doors locked at all times.  Use your door chain or peep hole.  Check ID, call 101 Quick Check to confirm identity.  Please display No cold calling stickers or the nominated neighbour scheme.

If you see something suspicious in the area that you live in or are concerned about an elderly member of your community, please don’t hesitate to contact the police on 101.'