One of the most memorable years for Glengormley Methodist in these years of continuing growth must be 1985. Fifty years after the fledgling church opened its doors in Glencairn Drive the congregation came together to celebrate their Golden Anniversary. There was much to be celebrated with approximately 700 families attached to the church and a thriving Youth programme.

Celebrations commemorating 50 years of the Methodist Church in Glengormley were held over a weekend on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November 1985. This was a time of praise and thanks to God for His faithfulness over the past 50 years. It was also an opportunity to show how far the church had developed within this period.

Four years after the Golden Anniversary the congregation of Glengormley once again had reason to celebrate. On 2nd September 1989 a new Church building designed to accommodate the 700+ congregation was officially opened and dedicated by the Rev. George R Morrison President of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

Since 1989 the church has continued to be a welcoming place for the young and not so young and provides a variety of organisations to accommodate all ages and interests. Alongside these traditional organisations, G. B., B. B., Sunday School, M.W.I, Bible Study Groups, many new organisations have come into being including J.A.M. (Jesus and Me), Edge (E.D.G.E.) and H.O.T. H.O.U.S.E.

All these organisations are specifically tailored for the young people of the church, whilst other relatively new organisations like the Craft Class and Ladies’ Ministry provide fellowship for the ladies of the congregation.

The church has been mightily blessed by successive Ministers whose commitment has ensured the smooth running of the church. Two of our former Ministers the Rev. Winston Graham and the Rev. I McIlhinney have both served a term as President in the Methodist Church in Ireland and share a little of their experiences whilst serving Ministers of Glengormley Methodist Church.

Rev Winston Graham

“As a family we recall our years at Glengormley Church in the 1980s with deep gratitude. I will always count it as a great privilege to have been Minister there for 8 years. As I reflected on those years various words come to mind:

GROWTH, YOUTH, MISSIONS, PRAYER, WORSHIP, PASTORAL CARE, FRIENDSHIP and FELLOWSHIP, BUILDING, REGULAR ( SIGNS of the HOLY SPIRIT) SEEKING. The congregation always had a goal – this was to serve Christ in the world and to be witnesses to His saving love”.

Rev. I McIlhinney

“In the summer of 1990 I took up the greatest challenge of my ministry – the pastorate of Glengormley. It was difficult, but very exciting as the Holy Spirit moved to make my poor efforts for God’s kingdom effective. These presented me with an opportunity to evangelise, preach the Gospel and share faith in Christ as Saviour on a larger scale than on most other Methodist stations. Not only could I do this with the regular Sunday congregations, but also Weddings and Funerals brought me into contact with hundreds of new people each year.

The new church Sanctuary was one year old when we arrived and within a year we had moved into a brand new manse.

One of the joys of ministering in Glengormley was the luxury of having two choirs - the Church choir and the Youth choir, both of which were truly inspirational. Other lovely memories come to mind as I recall very especially our Caribbean Candlelight Service held just before Christmas and the wonderful Christmas morning services when every seat in the church was occupied. Then there were the times when we were given the opportunity to broadcast our church service with the B.B.C. allowing us on one particular occasion through the World Service Network an opportunity of reaching around 30 million listeners!

A lasting impression that stays with me was the Presence of God which was so evident and mighty, as the church family praised the Lord together.”