Throughout the past 75 years each member of Glengormley Methodist Church is and has been an important ‘building block’ ensuring the life and vision for the church continues. Some of these most honourable ‘building blocks’ must be Mr William Cunningham, Mr Williamson, and Mr Webb all of whom played a part in establishing and sustaining the Sunday School. These dedicated workers have left the present day leaders a solid foundation on which to continue teaching the Gospel of truth into the minds of our young people.

In the intervening years from 1935 to the present much has changed, not only in the shape and size of the church building but also in how church continues to ‘run’ with the vision given to Rev. John Glass. Presently our church continues to be used every day of the week. Traditional organisations, prayer meetings, Council Meetings, Youth Groups, Senior Citizens, M.W.I., Bowls, Keep Fit, Craft Class, Mother and Toddlers are all well established and flourishing. In the past 10 years there have been many new ministries introduced to the church calendar, and like the more established organisations have found a niche within the church.

Now in the year 2010 it would be true to say that with over 680 families attached to the church, new ministries and an ongoing commitment from the church body-the vision continues. God continues to be faithful. As in the past God continues to raise men and women from within our fellowship inspiring them to move forward, filling their minds with wisdom and their hearts with passion, which through the Power and Guidance of the Holy Spirit will ensure Glengormley Methodist continues for many years to come, working in and evangelising the community of Newtownabbey.