Our church is a community of people who are drawn together by God's love as they know it, expressed in the story of Jesus - his birth and life, teaching, suffering, death and resurrection. 

We seek to follow the way of Jesus and live to share God's love through action and word in the world.  Because this experience of Jesus Christ has so shaped our lives, we invite others to share in the love, life and hope that is freely given to us. 

Statement of Belief

The Methodist Church claims and cherishes its place in the Holy Catholic Church, which is the Body of Christ. It rejoices in the inheritance of the Apostolic faith, and loyally accepts the fundamental principles of the historic creeds and of the Protestant Reformation. It ever remembers that, in the Providence of God, Methodism was raised up to spread scriptural holiness through the land by the proclamation of the evangelical faith, and declares its unfaltering resolve to be true to its divinely appointed mission.

The doctrines of the evangelical faith, which Methodism has held from the beginning, and still holds, are based upon the divine revelation recorded in the Holy Scriptures. The Methodist Church acknowledges this revelation as the supreme role of faith and practice. These evangelical doctrines to which the preachers of the Methodist Church, ministerial and lay, are pledged are contained in Wesley's Notes on the New Testament and the first four volumes of his sermons.

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